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Resources for Getting Stuff Done

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Below are some sites I've found to be helpful when accomplishing a project. If you're anything like me, the idea of starting a new project lights up everything about you. You do some quick figuring of items you need to get started and run out to buy them. You quickly figure out the first few things you need to get done and get to work. Then you're not too sure what to do so you set it aside. You think about it a lot, maybe come up with an idea you can implement, then set it aside again. Maybe some limiting beliefs are encouraging your procrastination: "no one will be interested", "what do you know about this anyway", "you don't know how to set goals", etc. Try these, and let me know what else works for you.



Jodie Bentley is the creator of this one-stop-shop for your acting career. Click the link above to learn more and sign up.


Taskade (affiliate link)

I used to be a professional procrastinator, and didn't learn until my 30's that there is a whole process behind setting and attaining goals. To this day I struggle with the day to day actions behind attaining goals. This product changed everything for me.

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