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Smiling image of Niko McCall, host of the podcast Lead with Compassion


When I stand at the edge of the ocean, feeling the power of the waves, and getting lost in its vastness, I get inspired. For that moment, I'm no longer concerned with judgment, from myself or others. I feel connected to the earth and every living thing on it. I can let go of feelings that tell me I'm not enough.

Before transitioning from female to male, I was buried underneath feelings of being stuck in life. I blamed it on every external source I could. Once I finally understood, and admitted that I was trans, I began to find ways to live more authentically.

I took many steps backwards in my journey, including a depression that stopped me from doing everything except going to work. One of the steps I took to live more authentically was the decision I made to pursue my lifelong dream of acting. From that decision, I found inspiring mentors who helped me find a way out of the depression.

I have learned to find compassion for myself, a way to lean into vulnerable moments, and how to drop limiting beliefs and excuses I told myself that kept me stuck. This podcast is one way I hope to inspire others to step into living authentically, to find ways to have compassion for yourself. I truly believe that in doing this, you will find your worth.

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